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“Africa will no longer be the “unknown continent”, for its human and material resources are beyond measure, and this great continent now stands on the verge of an economic, political and cultural development which, when realized, will be without parallel in history.”


- H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, April 15, 1958

ARC serves to develop RasTafari communities globally by connecting creators across the Diaspora. Through strategic and collective endeavors, we:

  • Raise funds for RasTafari projects and programs;

  • Engage in public relations campaigns to educate the public-at-large about RasTafari-related issues, projects and programs;

  • Facilitate artistic exchanges between Africa, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands;

  • Connect and facilitate interaction between RasTafari businesses across regions where members are located;

  • Network among global operators in all creative industries, with emphasis on the Reggae music industry;

  • Leverage existing resources and cultural exchange projects to enhance collaborative outputs amongst artists;

  • Make referrals among members for business, social and cultural 

  • Maintenance of an organized network of global operators and traders;

  • facilitate the participation of a Jamaican delegation of professionals to ARC music events - members of the delegation may include, but are not limited to, festival operators, musicians, members of music industry associations, educators, visual artists, journalists, farmers and other agri-business professionals;

  • Nurture relationships with global governmental entities that may positively transform arts, culture and the creative industries;

  • Convene, coordinate and facilitate meetings with leaders in tourism to protect and advocate for RasTafari interests;

  • Serve as advocates for RasTafari interests within music, the wider arts, agri-business organizations and boards; and

  • Provide a platform to engage music industry operators, visual artists and agriculturists during events.

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Workshops & Events

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