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Social Welfare

"As a unified body, agents of change and a global network of talents and skills, we know that there is wealth amongst us!"

As a unified body of change agents with a global network of talents and resources, we are fully aware that great wealth exists within RasTafari. We value our human capital, thought leadership, initiative, drive, creativity, expertise and connections as key markers of this wealth. Knowing our collective value, bargaining power and earning potential, we are resolved that no member of the RasTafari community should go hungry, naked, sick, unprotected or uncared for.


As such, ARC supports individuals and communities through a variety of social welfare programs and initiatives, including:  

  • Assistance with the attainment of affordable housing and healthcare;

  • Food assistance through cooperative farming and meal distribution;

  • Education support through scholarships, tutoring and coaching;

  • Disaster relief and support; and

  • Business development services and consultation.

Programs and services vary by location and the availability of resources. Social welfare programs are implemented on a first come first served, basis. 

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