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Is Moringa Good for You?

Is moringa good for you? Yes!

The best part of the moringa tree is the seeds it produces. A moringa tree takes 8-12 months to mature. At any point within this timeframe, the tree may produce pods that resemble string beans. Moringa seeds are often cooked like peas or peanuts, and they have numerous, nutritious benefits.

"it can be planted using either seeds or cuttings."

Planting moringa seeds

One moringa tree can produce hundreds of seeds. This tree is special because it can be planted using either seeds or cuttings. In my experience, they need space to flourish but also enjoy the company of other moringa trees or vegetation. I recommend planting the trees in star formation to gain optimal production. When planting moringa seeds, I go by 3 P’s: position, precision, and patience. Positioning in the ground is very important. I look for the eye of the seed. This is usually the planting rule I carry for all seeds but, with moringa, it is even more prevalent. Look for the side that resembles the letter Y and you will find the eye! Dig a hole, approximately 1-3 inches deep. Moringa trees prefer soil that is a bit sandy. Soil that holds too much water encourages root rot. Therefore, it needs to be able to dry in between watering.

Moringa seeds can be harvested at many different stages. Young pods can be utilized much like string beans. They can be cut into small pieces, boiled and mixed with a variety of meals. If left to mature, the seeds should be harvested when the pod turns brown. This is the indication that it is dried. If taken before this, the pod will be too hard for seed extraction. Moringa pods are triangular in shape and can be easily cracked if left to dry. When opened, you will find a winged seed with a hard shell. You can tell the healthy seeds from their color. Healthy seeds appear to have darker shells. Dark shells indicate mature seeds, although the shell may be white in some cases.

How to eat moringa seeds

Moringa seeds can be eaten much like peas or peanuts. After harvesting, the hard shell must be removed. This can be done by cracking the shell much like an egg. What you should expect to see is a small circular/triangular white seed. This time, the whiter the seed appears, the healthier it is. Sometimes they look shriveled, deflated and grey, like a white, hardened raisin. I discard that kind. Healthy seeds can be roasted like a nut. I usually eat them raw, even though they taste bitter. My favorite part is what comes next. After eating raw seeds, it gives liquids a sweet taste. Otherwise, the seeds can be cooked like you would cook peas or asparagus. Moringa seeds contain special ingredients that are effective for purification.

"Moringa seeds contain cationic polyelectrolyte which makes it very effective in purifying water."

Health benefits of moringa seeds

Moringa seeds contain cationic polyelectrolyte which makes them very effective in purifying water. The seed can also be crushed, and oil can be extracted. The oil is very valuable. When used as a skin ointment, it can reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the skin. The seed contains antibiotics (neomycin) that are effective against skin infections. In India and Africa, the seeds are used for treating erectile dysfunction and increasing sperm count in men. In other words, moringa seeds are good for men's seeds.

The beauty of moringa is that it can be used in various ways. From the leaf to the seed to the roots, moringa is a multi-purpose tree, also called the "backyard pharmacy."

  • can be used as supplemental animal food (horses, goats, sheep, fish, etc.);

  • are great plant food when grounded into powder and mixed with water; and

  • are a human supplement for vitamins and minerals that can be used to regulate glucose levels plus anti-tumor and cancer components (sitosterol, niaziminn). Just mix the leaf powder into meals and beverages.

  • helps to treat dry skin, hair and scalp, rashes, bruises and cuts;

  • can be used as lantern oil; and

  • is a good alternative to cooking oil

  • purify water;

  • can be consumed to alleviate arthritis, inflammation, etc.; and

  • can be planted to grow beautiful fencing that works as shade and ornaments.

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