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Royal Rastafari Greetings! 

The newly established Association of RasTafari Creatives (ARC) is requesting the I’s attendance at I and I upcoming press launch. It will take place online (via Zoom) at 7pm on March 1, 2021, serving as ARC’s first public-facing event as well as the first episode of I and I impending podcast called ARC in Action. The webinar link will be posted on our website on the day of the event at 6pm EST.

ARC is an historic gathering of RasTafari in the Creative Industries with the purpose of facilitating, funding and providing public relations support for projects and programs that are in line with the vision of H.I.M., Emperor Haile Selassie 1st, concerning Africans at home and abroad.

I and I are honored to invite the I to witness this launch, which resulted from approximately nine months of brainstorming approaches and techniques that RasTafari Creatives in various fields and art forms can utilize their skills collectively to fulfill the RasTafari Creed. I and I are truly excited to share how I and I intend to carry out the works. By establishing ARC, I and I are signaling a new phase of development for the RasTafari nation. It is also fitting that the date of the launch should, and will take place on March 1, the anniversary of Ethiopia’s victorious Battle of Adwa.

This launch will be recorded live for ARC’s flagship podcast, ARC in Action, a bi-monthly podcast that will serve as the voice of the Association. If the I accepts this invitation, another email with additional details, the appearance release, recording date, time, and platform will be sent shortly.

I and I request the I’s participation as follows:

1.    Attending the press launch/podcast recording
2.    Informing the I’s mansion/organization about ARC and its initiatives


Prayerfully, I and I anticipate a positive response to this request as I and I aim to raise awareness about ARC and its mission, vision, values, and further details about I and I upcoming ARC membership drive. I and I will truly be honored by the I’s presence and look forward to ARC becoming a valuable resource to the growing RasTafari nation.
Please let I and I know if the I has questions.


Ras Asafo Weedamiah
Alpha President,
Association of Rastafari Creatives

Media Release

By attending the meeting you are consenting to be recorded. You hereby waive any right of inspection or approval of your appearance or the uses to which such appearance may be utilized. You authorize the Association of RasTafari Creatives LLC d/b/a as ARC (“Producer” or “Company”) and its respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees, successors and assigns to make use of my appearance, comments, and audio in connection with the promotion of the ARC mission, values and vision.



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