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"Industrialisation is not an alternative to the development of agriculture; rather, the development of agriculture is the essential pre-condition to the growth of industry."

H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie 1st

A key goal of ARC is to ensure that RasTafari people have sufficient access to safe and nutritious food that meets our dietary preferences, ensuring an active, healthy and productive life from cradle to grave. In doing so, ARC is committed to ensuring that:

  • RasTafari families and communities are prepared for adaptation strategies with policy information and responses to global and environmental changes; and

  • Ethical and sustainable practices are employed for water allocation, land use and the processing, trading, pricing and safety of foodstuffs.

Members of ARC may benefit from:

  • Guidance and trainings in agri-business management;

  • Information about sustainable practices and new technologies;

  • Campaigns and projects that build resilience to shocks and environmental disasters; and

  • A network of leaders, practitioners and researchers committed to increased agricultural productivity.

Barley Fields
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