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"Africa on the Move" is a collection of African centered poems and communiqués by Nana Farika Berhane that documents the journey towards the triumph of Africa and Africans over slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism and the psychological damages of these experiences. She reports on important meetings, conferences and summits held by the African Union for Diaspora inclusion. Quotations from Pan African visionaries on African unification and redemption, and statements by African leaders illuminate the book. This work envisions the unity of Africans on the continent with her dispersed Diaspora, and forming one just, sustainable, holistic Africa.


Collectors Item - Signed by Author

127 pgs


Full Color

Africa on the Move: Communiques on the AU Global Diaspora Summit and the OAU/AU

  • This is a Pre-Order sale.  Signed copies of the book will be shipped out within 2 weeks.

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